What is an Official Plan?

    The Official Plan is a strategic planning document that guides the long-term vision (up to 20 years) for the growth and development of the communities within Perth County including the Municipalities of North Perth and West Perth, and the Townships of Perth East and Perth South.  The purpose of the Official Plan is to establish a policy framework to guide the physical, social and economic development of the County, and to protect the natural environment and valuable resources. It establishes the goals, objectives, and land use policies to ensure that the future needs of the community are met. 

    Why are we undertaking this process?

    In accordance with the Planning Act, the New Official Plan must be consistent with the Provincial Policy Statement (2014), which has undergone important changes since the adoption of the County’s first Official Plan in 1997. The County’s New Official Plan will be the singular plan for the County and each member municipality (excluding the City of Stratford, and the Town of St. Marys), and will ensure that planning decisions are made using a consistent and equitable approach across the County.

    What types of issues will be addressed?

    An Official Plan deals with many types of issues, such as:

    -  Growth management (population and employment forecasts);
    -  Housing types and affordability;
    -  Infrastructure, such as roads, water and wastewater;
    -  Protection of the natural environment;
    -  Protection of agricultural land; and
    - Cultural heritage conservation.

    How can I get involved?

    We want to hear from you!  There are many ways to get involve:

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    ·  Complete a survey and tell us your stories on the discussion forum on this website.
    ·  Visit one of our booths in the community or attend a public meeting.
    ·  Submit your comments to Gregory Bender, Senior Project Manager, WSP, 1-647-730-7114, gregory.bender@wsp.com